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Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Sheinside: Black High Waist Plaid Flare Skirt Review

Hello dolls!
Today I want to show you this insanely cute, super high waisted plaid skirt from Sheinside!
This style of grid plaid is very popular at the moment, and I think this skirt is the perfect way to wear it 

Stock photo from Sheinside

Available Sizes: One-Size


Waist(cm): 60-96cm
Length(cm): 40cm

Firstly, wow this skirt really is high waisted ♥ It reminds me of the vintage term of high waist, and not the modern day use where most 'high waisted' items are mid waist! Secondly, no words can describe how incredibly soft and comfortable it is! With it's straight-line waist, this skirt neatly flares out and almost pleats itself without effort. 

The coolest thing about this skirt that I did not realise until I received it in the mail, is that inside the pattern is inverted, and therefore can be worn in reverse also! The craftsmanship of this skirt allows this, since there is no visible sewing! Amazing, right?
This skirt is made from cotton blends material, and is a dream to wear. It feels so soft and lightweight!

This skirt is quite stretchy, but is intended to only fit smaller sizes. Sheinside offers this skirt in 6 different colors, and it's difficult to not want to buy all of them!
Also, this skirt is fairly short, so it is best to wear a pair of small shorts underneath ^_~

I think this made a really cute outfit when combined together ^-^/

I hope you enjoyed this review! Click here to go take a look at this ultra adorable skirt, and click here to check out Sheinside's latest range of perfect street fashions 
I hope you will join me for the next review~

Rachel-Marie xo

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