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Sunday, 21 December 2014

Lilith: Jack Skellington Leggings + Baphomet Leggings

Hello dolls!
Here's a review for a new store Lilith that sells the most AMAZING clothing for goth, grunge and punk styles. Their prices are so good, and what's even better is all items ship worldwide for free! I also have a discount code to share with you all, so keep on reading~

Despite being stuck in dreadful Summer weather, I couldn't resist the leggings this store has on offer (Winter will come again, so why not?!). 
I went with the Jack Skellington leggings and the Baphomet leggings. Let's take a look at the Jack Skelling leggings first!

These leggings are hands down my favourite. After having the bejeezus scared out of myself as a 4-year old after seeing NBC in the cinemas, then revisiting my childhood horror as a young teen out of curiousity (which resulted in falling in love with this movie, I was going through my Baby Bat stage at the time, so...), you could say this film holds a very dear and creepy place in my heart. So, when I saw these leggings on Lilith, I had to have them.

These leggings are super comfy to wear, and are of really good quality. The print on the leggings is very clear, and the length is perfect - sometimes leggings can be a little too long, but these sit right above my ankles. Jack's face is too cute!

The second pair of leggings I ordered was these ultra awesome Baphomet printed leggings! I think they're really unique, and I love the minimalistic pattern yet powerful statement they provide. This is another pair of leggings I will be living inside next winter.

Just as with the Jack Skellington leggings, the material is really comfortable, and they fit beautifully. The print on this pair are also very crisp and clear, and are of great quality and length! 

The leggings at Lilith from what I've seen only come in one size. However, they have quite a bit of stretch to them, so I believe they would accommodate the general S/M/L field. There are always measurements listed on the product pages for you to ensure a good fit.

Shipping was extremely fast. I ordered these on the 5th Dec. and they arrived on the 16th Dec. Customer service was also really friendly and prompt!

Click here to check out Lilith's amazing range of fashions! Also, you can use my code 'monster' for 10% of your order.
I hope you enjoyed this review, and I also hope you all spend a happy and safe Xmas and New Years!

Rachel-Marie xo

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