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Saturday, 4 April 2015

Sheinside: Black Elastic Waist Lace Skirt Shorts Review

Hello dolls!
I'm going to introduce you to this sweet style black lace skirt accompanied by sewn in shorts underneath from Sheinside! On the other side of the world the weather is warming up, and this perfect for those Spring and Summer days where you want to dress up a little 

Stock photo from Sheinside

Available Sizes: One-Size


Waist(cm): 60-86cm
Length(cm): 25cm

This skirt is so comfortable! Both the lace of the skirt and polyester of the shorts are incredibly soft. The design is unique, I don't think I've owned anything quite like it before!
You could pair this with a casual outfit or a more flirty/dressy style. I would totally wear this to the beach, and in reverse I could rock it at a concert!

This skirt features a short cut, with dipped hem in the front and back. There is an elastic band that has a good stretch to it, and a pair of shorts are built into the skirt. The shorts feel like bike shorts, with what feels like leggings material (polyester, I assume), 
The lace material is so pretty! It features a delicate rose design. This skirt also is available in white that could be teamed with pastel colors 

For sizing, this skirt will fit the average XS-M range. As previously mentioned, since there is an elastic band there is some stretch. Being a size S, this skirt fit me very well and there was still room for more with the stretch! 

Here's a rundown of what else I wore with this adorable skirt! I went for a pastel grunge type of style today~

Pokemon Shirt - LilithMews (use code 'monster' at checkout for 10% off your order!)
Leather Harness - Taobao
Glass Socks - Taobao
Boots - Taobao

Thank you for stopping by to read my review ^-^
Click here to go have a look at this skirt - and click here to see Sheinside's latest range of the coolest street fashions!
I'll be back again soon with another review - take care ^-^/

Rachel-Marie xo

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