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Friday, 24 April 2015

Sheinside: Black Elastic Waist Embroidered Hem Mesh Skirt Review

Hello dolls!
Today I want to share with you this beautifully elegant mesh skirt from Sheinside 
This skirt is perfect for the Autumn to Winter transition, and looks perfect when styled with grunge and goth clothing pieces. Let's take a look!

Stock photo from Sheinside

Available Sizes: One-Size


Waist(cm): 60-90cm
Length(cm): 70cm

This skirt is incredible! It features a built in bodycon skirt, and long lace skirting that is also slightly pleated to give a fuller look. The bottoming of the lace has a delicate floral pattern.
The bodycon skirt gives you a feeling of wearing a shorter skirt, yet the lace skirting gives the impression of a longer skirt. I have noticed these skirts are incredibly popular right now, and I totally understand why!

The bodycon skirt is made from polyester material, and is incredibly comfortable to wear, without feeling too tight like some bodycon pieces can feel. The lace skirting is made from tulle, and always falls beautifully, even when you are standing up after sitting down for awhile! 
The skirt is topped with an elastic waist band, making this skirt fairly stretchy to accommodate a variety of sizes 

Being a one-size skirt, this will perfectly fit the XS-M size range. As I stated before, there is quite a bit of stretch to this skirt within the elastic band as well as the attached bodycon skirt. I personally don't find the attached bodycon skirt too short, but you could easily wear a pair of dance shorts underneath. 

Today I styled this skirt with this cute velveteen 'Holy Water' crop long sleeve, a pair of glass socks and my favorite pair of short boots ^-^ I think altogether it made a really nice Autumn outfit!

Thank you for reading my review! I really can't get over how beautiful this skirt is 
If you think so too, click here to check it out - it's currently on sale for only $9.99!
While you're at it, click here to check out the latest fashion arrivals at Sheinside. They always sell the coolest designs for a wide range of unique fashion styles!
I will be back soon with another review, until then take care!

Rachel-Marie xo

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