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Monday, 7 September 2015

CNDirect Mini Haul/Review #2 - Edgy and Affordable Fashion!

Hello dolls!
Today I want to share with you another mini haul/review for CNDirect 
It's amazing what you can treat yourself to for just under $20! Their product range just screams incredible style, and their prices make everything even more tempting for the online shopper.
In this haul, I will show you the three items I ordered recently, they are so cute I just know you will love them too ^-^

This time around, it took about 2 weeks again for my order to arrive to my doorstep. In my opinion, this is relatively fast for international shipping, and the shipping prices are really affordable also!
For this order, shipping came to $7.89 via China Regular Post with tracking number, which is super cheap for international shipping.
All in all, my order + shipping came to $19.67 - almost unbelievable, right? CNDirect really are amazing \^-^/
Let's now take a look at each item I ordered 

Stock photo from CNDirect

Available Sizes: One-Size


Bust(cm): 68-92cm
Waist(cm): 60-80cm
Hip(cm): 110cm
Length(cm): 74cm

This suspender skirt is rocking, right? I own a solid black color of this design that I bought some time ago, but when I saw that they now made them with striped skirts I couldn't resist! I love the caged waist design and the skater style skirt, you can basically wear any shirt underneath and you style will be emphasized enough already with the caged waist.
It is very fitted, and has some stretch the the straps and caging, as these parts are made of elastic material. However, despite there being some stretch, this skirt would be most suitable for sizes XS-M.

This skirt is great for any goth, punk or grungy closet and can be worn with many different looks! The quality of this skirt is also great - it came to be very well stitched and without loose threads. At time of purchase, I grabbed this cute number for only $5.07 - crazy, right?
This skirt is available in a variety of sizes too Click here to check them out!

Stock photo from CNDirect


Width(cm): 1.5cm
Perimeter(cm): 31-39cm

After being really pleased with the quality and style of the choker I ordered that I showed you in my last CNDirect mini haul/review,  Obviously these chokers are really popular, as it was the only design of this style available.
This choker is made from artificial leather and features 10 cone spiked rivets, and a buckle closure for various fitting.

This choker is very comfortable to wear and is made really well. This choker only cost $3.07 and for the quality and price, I think it's an amazing deal!
It's just perfect to give your outfit a punch of edge 
Click here to take a look at this choker ^-^~

Stock photo from CNDirect


16.5cm x 20cm x 5cm (WxHxT)

Ah, this bag is just adorable! The sugar skull design that looks lacey, and those heart eyes - what girl wouldn't want to own one of these?!
Before receiving this bag, I expected it to be a lot smaller in size. I was so pleasantly surprised to discover that it is a perfect size for going out and will hold all of your necessities (phone, wallet, etc).
It features a zip closure (with a cute cat charm hanging from the zip) and an adjustable strap.

Astrid gives this bag a tails up of approval =^-^=
This bag is made from synthetic leather and the craftsmanship is flawless. This bag is available in 4 different colors. I chose black because I wear a lot of black and well, black goes with everything, right?
For goths, punks or for halloween - I highly recommend this bag. I will be getting A LOT of use out of this 
Click here to go look at these bags~

Thank you so much for taking a look at my mini haul and review of these items! Once again, my shopping experience with CNDirect was perfect. I am super happy with my items, the shipping time was good and overall I would recommend this store to anyone who wants great fashion items for a great price 
I will be back soon with another review ^-^ See you then!

Rachel-Marie xo

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