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Thursday, 15 January 2015

Sheinside: Handmade Black Main Stone Gothic Necklace Review

Hello dolls!
Today for a change I will be showing you a gorgeous piece of jewellery from Sheinside - how elegant and dark is this handmade gothic choker?! It goes perfectly with all of my summer dress 

Stock photo from Sheinside

Usually, I go for very chunky chokers, but I couldn't resist the elegant yet gothic feel of this! It has a lace band for your neck - which connects at the back, and features four suspending chains (one of the chain designs is beaded), and finishes off with a beautiful stone pendant that is embellished in a gothic style metal decoration which covers the top of the stone.

This choker is very comfortable to wear. The lace band is quite stretchy, so I imagine it would suit most neck sizes. I measured the lace band when not stretched, and it measures 10.5 inches.

The chains fall gently around your neckline, and creates a feminine look. Because of the quite lengthy drop of this choker, I believe it would be perfect for lower cut tops and dresses. The dress from Killstar (that I purchased from Beserk) does not naturally have a low cut, so I had to hold it downwards while taking these photos ;-P

Style-wise, this would go perfectly with a classic gothic outfit. It can also work for pastel goth, pastel grunge and gothic lolita styles. This choker could also make a great impression with a basic oufit - say, a plain little black dress, for example :) Here's a quick video I took of this lovely piece up close~

Original Video - More videos at TinyPic

This choker is inexpensive but has so much detail! 

I hope you enjoyed this review! Click here to have a look at this choker, it is under $10. Sheinside also offers free worldwide shipping on all orders ♥ 
I will be back with another clothing review very soon. Please check back!

Rachel-Marie xo

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