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Monday, 24 August 2015

ROMWE: Black & White Vertical Stripe Leggings Review

Hello dolls!
Time for a darker style today, featuring these ultra amazing stripe leggings from Romwe!
These leggings are part of Romwe's Leggings+ range, which are made from high quality fabrics and come in a range of sizes 

Stock photo from Romwe

Available Sizes: XS / S / M / L / XL


Waist(cm): XS: 60cm / S: 64cm / M: 68cm / L: 72cm / XL: 76cm
Hips(cm): XS: 68cm / S: 72cm / M: 76cm / L: 80cm / XL: 84cm
Thigh(cm): XS: 44cm / S: 46cm / M: 48cm / L: 50cm / XL: 52cm
Length(cm): XS: 88cm / S: 89cm / M: 90cm / L: 91cm / XL: 92cm

I love these leggings, they remind me of Beetlejuice ♡ They are perfect for goth, pastel goth and creepy cute outfits. These leggings are not your regular flimsy, thin material leggings! They feature a thicker waist band and thicker material for the perfect fit.
Most cheap leggings are made from thin, flimsy material that doesn't always fit well. If your legs are small, sometimes they will be slightly baggy, and if your legs are larger, the material can stretch to look slightly transparent.
These leggings from Romwe's Leggings+ range are completely different, and still cheap! I was amazed at the great quality ^-^

These leggings are made a stretchy, soft combination of polyester and spandex. The length of these leggings is perfect, and sits at my ankles - not too short and not too long!
The other cool thing about Romwe's range of leggings is they come in various sizes, instead of a 'one size fits all' size. This makes getting the right size easier 
I ordered these leggings in size M, and they fit perfectly!

Today I paired these leggings with this amazing Uzumaki jacket I recently ordered from Taobao, and a pair of wedge sneakers (find similar here). If ordering from Taobao isn't your thing, you can also find this jacket at Himi Fashion, and if you use the code 'monsterthigh' during checkout you will receive a discount on your order! 

Thank you for reading my review! Click here to have a look at these leggings on Romwe's site, I can guarantee you will be as impressed with the quality as I am ^-^
Also, click here to look at the other leggings available from Romwe. They have a great range of cool prints.
I will return shortly for another review. Until then, take care ^~^/*♡*\^o^

Rachel-Marie xo


  1. Those leggings look so cute :) You always have the best reviews of stuff, and you're so cute!


    1. Thank you so much for the sweet words ^-^ xo