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Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Shein: Red High Waist Ruffle Skirt Review

Hello dolls!
Where did the lovely Spring weather go that I mentioned in the last post? ;__;
Oh well! Time for an outfit more suitable for Autumn 
Today I am happy to share with you this ultra cute high-waisted ruffle skirt from Shein.
The deep red color is perfect for autumn, and the flare makes it great for an adorable coord!

Stock photo from Shein

Available Sizes: One-Size


Waist(cm): 60-80cm
Length(cm): 44cm

I love cute skirts, and I usually only purchase them in black - never to branch out into different colors. But when I saw this cutie on Shein, I couldn't help myself. A deep red, almost burgundy color is just perfect for autumn and winter fashions and can be styled with many dolly and mori outfits 
This is another of Shein's super high-waisted skirts, and I love this design of theirs! The waist is always so stretchy and comfortable. Apart from an amazing stretchable waist, this skirt also features a flared silhouette, and sewn in pleats ^-^ Since the pleats are sewn in, this skirt is always ready to wear without the need of being ironed!

This skirt is made from lovely polyester material, so it does not crease at all! As I mentioned before, the skirt is very stretchy, so it could easily fit sizes XS-M.
There is one thing I must say, and that is the design is a little different from the stock photos. In the stock photo, there is a braid-like pattern in between the pleats. The skirt I received did not have this, but either way it's still super cute! 
Today I paired this skirt with this sweet, slightly over-sized cardigan, a pair of wheat striped tights, and a pair of basic brown flats ^-^

Thank you for stopping by and taking a look at my review Click here to go look at this skirt, it's just perfect for those who like a cute, girly look!
Also, click here to check out Shein's latest arrivals ^-^
I will be back soon with another review. Until then, take care~

Rachel-Marie xo

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