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Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Shein: Yellow Long Sleeve Cartoon Pattern Crop Coat Review

Hello dolls!
I love clothing pieces that pack a punch of amazing street style, and I have to say this cartoon patched crop jacket from Shein surely does!
It is super cute and the yellow color makes it perfect to coord with Autumn outfits 
Let's take a look!

Stock photo from Shein

Available Sizes: One-Size


Bust(cm): 112cm
Shoulder(cm): 50cm
Sleeve Length(cm): 48cm
Length(cm): 54cm

This jacket is really fun! It features a crop-cute and a unique yellow color, fleece lining and collar for warmth, four super adorable patches and six buttons in the front. The sleeves can be done up with a button also. 
The patches feature cool art prints, including a cat and two monsters. The fourth patch is a PC error patch.
This jacket can be worn with a variety of styles. Today I went for an Autumn look, matching with tartan and black tights. But I think this jacket would look amazing with many Harajuku-inspired coords ^-^

The product listing states this jacket being made from cotton-blends, but to be a little more technical the outer of this jacket is made from corduroy, while the inner lining is made from fleece material. Because of the inner lining, this jacket is incredibly warm! 
This jacket only comes in one-size, but it is quite big so I can imagine it would fit sizes XS-M with no problems at all with a bit of extra room to spare.
Today I paired this jacket with a cute tartan skirt, a pair of black wheat striped tights, and a pair of stompy boots (find similar here!) ^-^

Thank you for reading my review! Click here to take a look at this jacket ^-^ It also is available in purple 
Also, click here to spend some time viewing Shein's latest arrival for more amazing street fashion finds!
I will be back with another review soon. Until then, take care~

Rachel-Marie xo


  1. Hey, I was looking at this coat on Shein and I fell completely in love, but when I went to buy the things in my cart it said they only shop to the US. I also live in Australia and I was wondering how you got this, because I need it in my life? :')

    1. Hello! :)
      That is actually really strange that the cart said they only ship to the US :/ I have never had that problem before, it always has been okay with my Australian shipping address.
      All I can suggest is getting in touch with the customer service. I really hope you can get it sorted out >.< It is an amazing jacket! xo