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Friday, 1 January 2016

CNDirect Mini Haul/Review #4 -Sweet Summer Fashion for Amazing Prices!

Hello dolls!
I decided to treat you all with another mini haul from CNDirect for two reasons. One, because their Summer fashion is adorable and you need to check it out, and two, because their prices are insanely low ^-^
So far, I have posted three mini hauls from CNDirect (see here - 1st, 2nd, 3rd), and I am always super happy with their products and prices. So, without further ado, let me show you what I got this time 

Stock photo from CNDirect

Available Sizes: One-Size


Waist(cm): 62-80 cm
Length(cm): 33 cm

This skirt is really sweet and girly for Spring and Summer! Actually, this isn't a skirt, it is a pair of skorts (shorts made to look like a skirt), which makes me love it even moreso! I think I have touched on previously about my anxieties of wearing skirts out, and with this being labelled a mini skirt it made me a little more worried. When I discovered this was actually just skorts I was really happy (and relieved!) as I think they are adorable and want to wear them as much as possible during the hotter months.

This skirt features a two-layer style, and comes with belt loops sewn in so you can pair it with your favourite belt! Made from chiffon, it feels soft against your skirt and moves freely when you walk.
This skirt only comes in one size, and I would highly recommend it for sizes XS-S only. I am a size S, and this skirt fit me perfectly, but with the minimal stretch there isn't much more room to grow into.

And as you can see, this skirt is very much high-waisted. Woohoo!
This skirt cost only $3.78 and is available in 5 different colours ^-^ I picked the dark blue and I feel it would best suit most of my Summer t-shirts.
Click here to take a look at this cutesy skirt 

Stock photo from CNDirect

Size(cm): 23cm*6cm*15cm (L*W*H)
Strap Length(cm): 57cm

What a cute handbag! This bag is perfect for those into dolly styles of casual mori girl. It features a vintage style, along with a twist lock and braided strap and is decorated in the front with cute flowers. 
The size of this bag is decent, and is large enough to hold your necessities - phone, purse, journal and pens.

This bag is made from soft and flexible PU leather. Unlike most bags, the straps are not adjustable. However, I feel like the straps are a perfect length for me (height: 5'5") and the bag sits exactly where it should.
This bag is really pretty and well made for the price. Can you believe it only costs $4.13?!

This bag also is available in four colour options - black, brown, khaki and red. I chose the brown because I personally think this colour suits the bag's design very nicely, plus it also fits in with a lot of my wardrobe colour scheme lately ^-^
Click here to see this lovely bag~

Thank you for reading my review! Once again, I had a very pleasant experience with CNDirect - and I hope you do too! 
I will be back soon with another review. Happy Holidays!

Rachel-Marie xo

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