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Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Banggood: Mini Auto Water Absorption Animal Potted Plants Review

Hello dolls!
Today I will be doing a non-fashion related review - featuring this insanely adorable self watering animal potted plant from Banggood 
These are such a cute addition to your home decor, and can also be excellent gift ideas for your loved ones who love plants!
In this review I will be showing you how I set it up, let's take a look~

Stock photo from Banggood

Weight: 90g
Material: Ceramic + Cultivation of Raw Materials
Straw Length: 9cm
Animal Height: 6cm
Pattern: Rabbit, Pig, Cat or Panda
Package included: 
1 x Potted (Glass Cup not Included)
1 x Seeds
1 x Instructions
1 x Compressed Soil

This is my self watering animal planter, sealed in it's packaging! I chose the rabbit, as I love rabbits and it goes well with my crazy amount of mouse and rat decor ^-^ Each animal planter comes with a different plant.
The rabbit comes with seeds to grow a mint plant. I believe the cat planter comes with wild strawberry seeds, the pig comes with clover seeds, and the panda comes with basil seeds!

The planter comes with compressed soil, seeds and instructions. The instructions are however in Chinese, and since I cannot read chinese, I went searching and found this video on Youtube to help me get my planter set up ^-^ Although the instructions are relatively easy, I wanted to make sure I was doing the right thing!

The purpose of this planter is to 'self-water', and that's the reason this cute little bunny has a straw stuck in his mouth! Inside the straw, there is a rope that continues up the straw and into the base of the pot on his back to reach the soil. With the shape of the animal, you can place it on the side of a glass cup for it to drink out of. It is such a cute and unique way to grow plants 
Let's set it up!

Step 1: Place the Compressed Soil
Take the compressed soil and place is snuggly into the bottom of the pot. It is the perfect fit! Make sure that the rope coming from the straw is underneath the compressed soil at the bottom to ensure your soil will constantly have water supply.
There is a thin layer of netting surrounding the soil. I was not sure whether or not to remove this from the soil, and since I could not find an answer online I left it as is ^-^

Step 2: Wet the Soil
Lightly wet the soil to prepare it for the seeds to be planted. I filled the pot up to the top with water, gently pressed the soil to get it to absorb the water, and then drained the remainder out ^-^

Step 3: Get Your Seeds
These seeds are so tiny and cute! You receive a nice amount of seeds to plant. I found it easier to place them in my hand first rather than pouring them in from the packaging.

Step 4: Plant the Seeds
Place your seeds on top of the compressed soil. According to the video I mentioned earlier, you can use a toothpick to poke the seeds down into the soil for better coverage. I didn't have any toothpicks, so I used the less glamorous route and used the pointy end of an EeziFlosser xD

Step 5: Fill Your Glass Cup
Lastly, fill your glass cup generously with water, making sure the rope inside the straw reaches the water. Now you can place it wherever you decide and wait for the shoots to appear!
According to the product page on Banggood, it will take one week for the plant to start growing - I can't wait 

Thank you for reading my review! I am really happy and impressed with this product from Bannggood, and if you click here you can buy one too!
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I will be back soon with another review. Until then, take care~

Rachel-Marie xo

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