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Monday, 13 February 2017

ROMWE: Black Buckle PU Backpack Review

Hello dolls!
Today I want to share with you my new favorite black buckle backpack from Romwe 
It has so much storage capacity and fits with every outfit ^-^
Let's take a look~

Stock photo from Romwe


Bag Height(cm): 40cm
Bag Width(cm): 10.5cm
Bag Length(cm): 33cm

This awesome black PU backpack features a large size with two straps in the front to hold down the flap, with two sets of connecting rings for you to connect to, depending on your preference. The inside of the backpack has a zip closure, and carries more than you would expect as the backpack expands to your requirements. The back of the backpack has a handle strap for carrying in your hand and also two adjustable straps to be worn on your back. Overall, I really love this backpack as it goes wonderfully with all outfits and gives them a bit of a grunge look 

This backpack is made from PU material and is incredibly sturdy. The quality is fantastic and for the price of under $20 you couldn't expect a more perfect backpack! Romwe lists this backpack as a medium size, however to me it is quite large and I was so happy to find how much it could actually carry! I am currently in Rockhampton, and used this bag on the trip up to store so many things in it - hair straightener, toiletries bag, cosmetics bag and hair brush - and there was still some room to spare ^-^

Thank you for reading my review ^-^ Click here to find this amazing backpack 
Also, click here to find the newest arrivals at Romwe - with the New Year they are now stocking some INCREDIBLE new fashion ^-^
I will be back soon with another review. In the meantime, check out and follow my Tumblr where I pick out and post amazing online fashion finds ^-^ Until next time, take care~

Rachel-Marie xo

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